Farming with people and plants

Our People

As part of our mission to create the most desirable roses, we believe that every person that works on the estate should benefit from our success.

Mairye Estate not only meets fair labour practices but exceeds them. We interface with the Workers Unions, to which membership is not restricted, and ensure that all are treated fairly. Everyone should have clean water and sanitation, that is why we give the purified water from our farm freely to the neighbouring community. Our workers are provided with breakfast and lunch daily and all have access to medical care at the cost of the company. Staff are provided with accommodation and housing allowances are also given out in order to ensure community development. We strive for a happy and motivated team that helps their communities and country to achieve in the global marketplace.

Since we operate 365 days a year, we are privileged to employ a permanent team that works well together without the need to shrink or expand our workforce due to seasons.

Social Responsibility

  • Facilitation of water supply to neighboring village
  • Annual maintenance of the feeder roads.
  • Community's computer center [CCC] under plan.
  • The company funds neighboring schools and also construction of mosques, churches so as to improve living standard of the community.
  • The company gives back to its workers. Workers who have served MEL over 10 years received gifts.


  • Uganda Horticultural and Allied Workers' Union [UHAWU] is very active Union through which the farm negotiates working conditions with both Union and workers representatives.
  • More than 45%of workers are union members.
  • There is also Mairye Employee's Welfare Association (MEWA); whose membership is open to both unionized and non-unionized employees.
  • There is no restriction for workers to joining either UHAWU and MEWA.
  • Workers democratically elect the Leaders for both UHAWU and MEWA.
  • We have Women committee.
  • We have Workers committee.


  • The company also provides daily breakfast and lunch to all staff.

Occupational Health & Safety
  • Annual instruction in fire fighting is part of the Company's training programs to safe guard workers.
  • Several training has been carried out for safe use of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • There has been training in First Aid for workers.
  • An Occupational Health and Safety Audit Carried out by the government arm responsible has been completed and actions required following this Audit have been implemented.
Health and Sanitation
  • Adequate places of convenience for general workers.
  • We provide safe drinking water for the workers using a purifying system.
  • Our workers access medical services at the cost of the company.
  • In conjunction with Exclusive we aim at offering medical services at the cost of the two companies latter.
  • Adequate places of convenient for general workers.
  • We provide safe drinking water for the workers using a purifying system.
Housing facilities
  • Management has completed the construction of Staffs' housing Estate.
  • A sum total of U$D – 60,000 has been spent on staff housing development keeping the staff at their convenience to the work place.
  • Housing allowance is also given out to workers in order to ensure Community development.